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Wednesday 22 February 2012
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New Anti Smoking Law Would Fine ¢180.000 For Anyone Selling Loose Cigarettes
Fine for smoking in public place is ¢36.060
Ministry of Health authorized to have more inspectors
Government Seeks Mechanisms Against Contraband Cigarettes

While legislators prepare for Thursday's second and final vote to approve the anti-smoking law, the government is preparing the mechanisms to prevent the smuggling of contraband cigarettes.

Are You A Nomophobe?
Your heart rate accelerates, you feel short of breath, you reach quickly to your pocket and feel a wave of relief as you find your phone is still there. If you know the panicked and disconnected feeling of leaving your mobile phone at home, you might be one of the many suffering from nomophobia.

How Costa Rica Is Saving The Environment
What would you say if we told you there was a country that used 99.2% renewable energy, has kept is GDP growing for decades, disbanded its military, and transformed itself from one of the most deforested nations in the Western hemisphere to one with forest cover over half its area?

Winds To Prevail In The Coming Days
Without a doubt it has been an unusual summer in Costa Rica, with days of rain, cold and winds. All conditions not typical of the dry season.

11 Costa Rica Hotels In Top 25 In Central America
Eleven hotels in Costa Rica are among the top 25 best in Central America for 2012, according to Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice 2012.

Costa Rica's ICE Looks for Overseas Growth
Costa Rica's former monopoly mobile network operator, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) says that it will look to expand overseas as it faces competition in its home market for the first time later this year.

6.000 Seized Vehicles Crowd The Tránsito Patios
The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT) is looking for financing for the purchase and maintenance of patios (lots) to hold the some 6.000 vehicles seized from drivers.

Political Humour: The Presidenta And Her ¢5 Mil
In this political satire by ElPais, we see presidenta Laura Chinchilla laughing it up how she got the best of the unions and the public sector workers to to accept her salary increase of only ¢5.000 colones monthly.


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Nicaraguan Parliament Approves 2012 Budget

Harassment against Women Denounced in Honduras

Venezuela Denies Rumours on President Chavez' Health

Saint Lucia and Argentina Boost Bilateral Ties

Colombia’s Peso Falls on Speculation Government Measures May Curb Rally
Costa Rica Not Only For Adventure Junkies
Gliding weightlessly through a white tunnel with the view obscured by a soft, billowing mist must surely be what it feels like to die.
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If You Want To Live Longer Stare At "Tenis"
German researchers say that staring at boobs or "tenis" as they referred to in Costa Rica may increase life expectancy. Are you willing to give it a shot?

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