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Wednesday 14 March 2012
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Colombia News!

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The Virilla Bridge: An 86 Year Old Tragedy Remembered
•  March 14, 1926, a train falls off a bridge over the Río Virilla
The bridge over the river Virilla on the autopista General Cañas is very well known to nationals and foreigner alike, mainly for the inability of the country's transport ministry to fix it and its failed attempts.
Colombia Sends Costa Rican Suspect Murder to Guatemala
• Guatemala guaranteed Costa Rica it would not apply the death penalty
• Jimenez is alleged to have ties to Mexican and Colombian drug cartels

BOGOTA, Colombia - The  Costa Rican,
Alejandro Jimenez Gonzalez, who authorities say may have links to Mexico's powerful Sinaloa drug cartel was expelled to Guatemala in connection with last year's fatal shooting of Argentine folk singer Facundo Cabral.

Gas Hike Approved
The Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (ARESEP) on Tuesday approved a gas hike that will increase the price of a litre of gasoline of more than ¢109 colones.

Plan Fiscal Goes To First Vote Today
The hectic pace of the Legislature may come to an end today with voting of first debate of the Plan Fiscal (Tax Reform) now that the more than 3.000 motions by the various political parties have been dealt with.

Turrubares Bridge Slow To Completion
It was October 22, 2009, hen a bus loaded with passengers plunged into the Rio Tarcoles as the Turrubares bridge collapsed under the weight, killing five people in the accident.

From Fruit and Vegetables Vendor To Fugitive
Alejandro Jiménez González, at 38 years of age, is making world headlines for his role in the murder of Argentine singer, Facundo Cabral, in Guatemala and is alleged to be one of the most important drug traffickers in Central America, with ties to Mexican and Colombian drug cartels.

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Ticos Are "Homo-Llesbi-Bi-Transphobic"
Sexual diversity are all the dimensions of sexuality of persons which are involved in both straight, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Coastal Territories Law Will Reward Illegal Activities at Ostional's Wildlife Refuge
Community leaders, environmentalists and tourism entrepreneurs have reported that the Coastal Territories Law suggests awarding properties to individuals, real estate companies and developers and political entrepreneurs who have committed irregular acts with properties within the Ostional Wildlife Refuge and the Maritime Terrestrial Zone (MTZ).

New Surf Competition Hits Nosara

There is a new competition in Nosara that is set to test the skills of local surfers. Organized by the Nosara Tico Surf School, the tournament will be an opportunity to raise money for the regional men’s surf team and their efforts in the national circuit.

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Nicaragua Helps Capture of Drug Trafficker

Calle 13 and Jazz Festival in Nicaragua

Guatemala: Former Soldier Involved in Massacre Sentenced

Colombia: Not-guilty plea in Americans’ captivity

Colombia cities on alert as smoke, ash rise from volcano

Venezuela Promotes Changes in Special Education
Costa Rica Not Only For Adventure Junkies
Gliding weightlessly through a white tunnel with the view obscured by a soft, billowing mist must surely be what it feels like to die.
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If You Want To Live Longer Stare At "Tenis"
German researchers say that staring at boobs or "tenis" as they referred to in Costa Rica may increase life expectancy. Are you willing to give it a shot?

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