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Friday 04 May 2012
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Tico Humour Post  May 1
The legislative election and the presidenta's speech on Tuesday (May 1), has unleashed a wave of wit and humour by Ticos.

Television Upstart Fights For Inclusion In Cable Companies Channel Lineup
Upstart Televisora Canal 9 is continuing its struggle to go mainstream and to be included as part of Cabletica's (and other cable companies) channel lineup.

Cost Rica Cops Arrested For Robbing Foreigner
Now not even the police (Fuerza Publica) can be trusted, as thugs have infiltrated the police department dressed as cops. So, Is it wise to stop if one asks you to?

US Astronaut Hall of Fame Welcomes Costa Rica's Franklin Chang
Costa Rican, Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz, will be among three more astronaut veterans to join the Astronaut Hall of Fame Saturday at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.  The other two are Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton and Air Force Col. Charlie Precourt.

Escazú Restaurant Hatches New Cage-Free Egg Policy
Humane Society International applauds the Costa Rican restaurant Oasis, located in Escazú, for ending its use of conventional eggs from hens confined in battery cages by switching to cage-free eggs.

Cement Firm Closes, Charges Legal Persecution

The cement company Comcoas S.A. closed its doors late Monday after issuing a bitter ad charging legal persecution in the courts of this country. The firm marketed the David cement brand.

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Coca Cola Happiness Hug Machine
Coca-Cola has brought out the Cola-Cola Hug Machine, a vending machine designed to bring doses of happiness into the lives of people anywhere and everywhere.

From The Social Media: Pura Vida Costa Rica Homo; Jaus For Sale; Taca Economy Flights

Cuban Comedian Describes Costa Rica Surprising
Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera, the popular Cuban comedian and actor, described as surprising his recent trip to Costa Rica with the show Cantos de amor y vida.



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Panama Ready for International. AfroFestival 2012

Panama: Parliament Still on Stalemate about Electoral Reform

Nicaraguan Poet Ernesto Cardenal Wins Queen Sofia Prize

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Colombian govt seizes assets from late Medellin Cartel members

Costa Rica Not Only For Adventure Junkies
Gliding weightlessly through a white tunnel with the view obscured by a soft, billowing mist must surely be what it feels like to die.

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