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Honduras Resistance Calls for Marches Against the Coup

TEGUCIGALPA - The National Front of People's Resistance of Honduras (FNRP) called for two marches on January 27th to reject the swearing in of the next president, conservative Porfirio Lobo.

FNRP released a report that points out that the demonstrations will be held in the capital and northern city of San Pedro Sula to reject "the continuation of the dictatorship of the oligarchy."

Right wing member of the National Party, Lobo was declared winner of the questionable elections of last November 29 in which results are unknown by the vast alliance of popular and political forces.

Both Lobo and his organization that has shared power with the liberals during the past decades, supported the military coup of June 28 that overthrew the constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya.

In a brief report the Front points out that another purpose of the demonstrations is to insist on the demand of a national constituent assembly, popular and democratic, to restore Honduras.

The note adds that the march in the capital will take off from the National Teaching University and will count on the participation of members of the Resistance in the capital and central, eastern and southern departments of the country.

In the San Pedro Sula march, about 250 kilometers from Tegucigalpa will also count on the inhabitants of the western, northern and Atlantic departments according to the organizers.

The Front was created in the wake of the military coup and was made up of labor unions and farmers, students and human rights organizations, and other groups

Since then the FNRP leads the resistance to the coup regime with daily demonstrations, the majority brutally repressed by the army and police, demanding restitution of democratic order.

The declaration of the state of siege and suspension of constitutional guarantees last September forced these forces to concentrate their demonstrations in the barrios to make military and police repression more difficult.

The first national massive march this year was in January 7 in the capital followed two days later by another in San Pedro Sula strongly repressed by anti riot troops.

Leaders of the Front last weekend held a national conference in the central city of Jiguatepeque that concluded with a decision to continue united democratic struggle to transform the nation.


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