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Pablo scobar's Head Hitman Wants To Live In Costa Rica When He Is Released From Jail

From his jail cell in Cómbita, Colombia, the former head of Pablo Escobar's hitmen, John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez, alias "popeye" wants to make Costa Rica his home when he leaves prison.

Vásquez, born in Yamural, Antioquia, in 1962, racked up a total of 250 murders and has a million dollar price on his head by the mafia.

The former hitman headed up Escobar's death squads. Escobar was killed in a shootout with police in 1992.

Vásquez remarked of his wanting to live in Costa Rica to the Colombian magazine, Don Juan. "Today I am a different person and want to forget it all, make a new life for myself when I leave here in two years", he told the magazine.

"I want to go live in Costa Rica and set up a business; live a dream and hug my son", he told Colombian journalists, Hárold Abuetta and María Elvira Arango.

Following the comments by the Colombian, the questions of will Costa Rica accept such a person have been raised.

For his part, the ministero de Seguridad Pública, José María Tijerino, told the La Nacion, "Since then the country reserves the right to refuse admission of any alien, I do not think the government is willing to accept that Costa Rica becomes a haven for criminals. I was not aware (of the Vásquez desires) but as minister I would strongly oppose to allow this type of visitor".

Kattia Rodríguez, the director of Costa Rica's immigration service was more diplomatic, saying that "Colombians need a consular visa to visit Costa Rica".

"One of the considerations in accepting a visitor is his or her criminal record. No one with a conviction in the last 10 years is acceptable", said Rodríguez.

Vásquez's resumé of terrorism and murders include the attack of an Avianca plane in November 1989 that ended with 101 deaths, the murder of U.S. anti-drug agent, Barry Seal in 1986 and conspiring in the murder of Colombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán in 1989.

In total Vásquez is directly responsible for 250 deaths and indirectly another 1.000.

"My art was to learn to kill', Vásquez is attributed to saying after meeting Escobar at his enclave Hacienda Napoles, describing Escobar as a God when he met him.

Popeye was sentenced to 20 years in prison for terrorism, drug trafficking and murder.



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