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INSIDECOSTARICA.COM | COSTA RICA  NEWS |     Wednesday 06 July 2011

Costa Rica: Insecurity Not A Perception, But A Reality, Says Former Security Minister

The increase in the level of violence in criminal acts in the country, raises the perception of insecurity among citizens, according to the ministro de Seguridad Pública, Mario Zamora.

The minister is responding to the latest poll by Unimer for La Nación which reveals that 49 out of 100 people intervieed, believe that insecurity is the main problem in the country.

"The perception of insecurity is noted by the unlimited violence that is occurring. Increasingly there is an excessive force in which criminals are committing crimes", said Zamora on Tuesday, a day following the release of the poll results.

The minister added that "we see homicides committed with excessive violence that aims to generate more terror in the citizenry".

For Zamora, in addition to the efforts by Seguridad, there is a need for greater organization of state agencies related to the subject, "from attacking poverty to improving the judicial system".

However, the words of Zamora who took over the Seguridad portfolio recently, are not new.

One of his predecessor, Fernando Berrocal (2006-2007) said that "insecurity is a consequence and not a cause. When people say in polls that insecurity is a major concern for Costa Ricans, it is absolutely correct". Berrocal was fired/resigned from his post after his first year of the Arias administration.

"Left behind must be the political rhetoric by the current administration and presidenta Chinchilla must act now or the battle will be lost. It is a matter of national unity", says Berrocal.

Juan Rafael Lizano, who was ministro de Seguridad from 1998 to 2000, maintains that the real problem of insecurity faced by the people "is in the streets, neighbourhoods and street corners".

"I think the current minister is doing a good job, but insecurity is increasing, taking strength and this is not a perception, unfortunately, a reality", said Lizano.



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