Monday 09 April 2012
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Costa Rica Cigarettes Will Continue Among The Cheapest In Latin America and The World

While the Ley de General de Control del Tabaco imposes a ˘20 colones tax on each cigarette, prices in Costa Rica are still one the lowest in Latin America and around the world.

Costa Rican Authorities To Get Tough On Smokers Starting This Week

Within three months each pack of cigarette sold in the country will cost smokers ˘400 more, bringing the cost of the lowest price in the market to ˘1.100 (us$2.20) for each pack or 57% over the current ˘700 colones per ack.

However, if you compare cigarette prices in other countries in the region, Costa Rica will still be one the lowest.

In Venezuela a pack of cigarettes costs us$6, while in El Salvador, Panana, Gyuana, Nicaragua, Chile, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, a 20 cigarette pack is about us$4.

Costing less than Costa Rica are Argentina, Guatemala, Paraguay, Colombia and Brazil where a pack does not exceed us$2.

In most of the above countries there are planned price increases, which could make Costa Rica the cheapest in terms of cigarette prices in the not too distant future.

And when compared to cigarette prices in Europe, the United States and Canada, Costa Rica and Latin America continues to be a smoker's heaven.

In Europe, a pack of cigarettes can exceed 7 Euros and up to 12 Euros in some places.

In the United States a 20 cigarette pack will set you back at least us$4 and more than us$8 at the New York airport. and in Canada from us$7 and up. In Australia a cigarette pack is around us$12.

The Ley Antitabaco is already in effect, however, it will be at least three months before the regulations will be in place and enforcement will commence despite the growing number of bars and restaurants that have voluntarily begun to ban smoking.



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