Tuesday 17 April 2012
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Circunvalación Norte Construction To Start Before End of This Year
• Costa Rica receives $340 million loan for road projects

The Circuvalación norte, the missing link in the ring road around San José, may soon be a reality with the announcement of the start of construction before the year's end.

Francisco Jiménez, the ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT), said that in the second half of the year the the contract will be awarded. The bid is for the first and second phase of the project, which is expected to cost us$115 million dollars.

"In May we will send the contract to the Contraloría (Comptroller) for endorsement. Our goal is to give the start order before year's end. The work will last about 24 months", Jimenez said without specifying a month of commencement of works.

This first phase of 3.8 kilometres, includes the construction of two overpasses at the intersection of Route 32 (San José - Guapiles) and the exchange of the La Uruca and Colima de Tibás.

The second stage is Route 32 to Calle Blancos, which will require some 200 expropriations.

According to Jimenez, the project will not only help relieve high traffic areas such as La Uruca, that handles 56.000 vehicles daily but also achieve connecting the Caribbean (San José-Limón) and Pacific (San José-Caldera and San Jose-San Ramon) routes.

"We will succeed in creating a corridor for export and import cargo that is not available today. Today the entire load must pass through many urban routes that have collapsed", said Jimenez.

The project is being financed partly by way of a us$340 million dollars loan by the Centroamericano de Integración Económica (BCIE), in a deal signed on Monday.

The balance of the loan will go towards improving the Juan Pablo II bridge/rotonda in La Uruca, the Garantías Sociales and La Bandera rotondas and the Guadalupe intersection.

The loan is also expected to be used to construct "false tunnels" for slope stabilization on Ruta 32 and on the same road build a parallel bridge near the Saprissa stadium and another in Heredia in the area of Rio Pirro.




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