Monday 30 April 2012
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Presidenta Comes To Aid Of Three Injured In Hit and Run

Three people this morning have presidenta Laura Chinchilla on their top list despite the presidenta's low popularity these days, for it was doņa Laura herself and with the help of security detail, to come to the rescue following a hit and run accident last night.

The presidenta's security team took chase of the driver and detained him.

The accident that occurred around 9pm Sunday night was witnessed by doņa Laura when a driver hit a guard rail in the area of the Gimnasio Nacional on the southwest corner of the Sabana park.

The driver of the dark coloured Hyundai, identified later by his last name Ordonez, left the three laying injured on the road and took off.

The presidenta came immediately to the aid of the injured, ordering her security detail to block traffic so as not to run over the persons lying in the middle of the road and to give chase to the fleeing driver.

The driver was arrested and is alleged to be driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

Doņa Laura did not waste the camera opportunity to express her displeasure at the current Constitutional Court rulings watering down the Ley de Tránsito and legislators who have been slow to approve the new law that has been in discussion and in the committee stage for the last two years.

The injured were taken to hospital where, thanks to the quick action by the Presidenta and her security team, will recover to tell the tale.




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