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Wednesday 01 August  2012   | Costa Rica News Home | Colombia News

Karina: Embarrassed, Apologizes But Says Not Ashamed

Karina Bolaños told CNN en Español that she is very embarrassed with the Costa Rican but has nothing to be ashamed of, and that an injustice has been committed against here.

Totally Tasteful(less) Humour
Vice-Minister Quit/Fired Over "Sexy" Video

"It is a very old and personal video of mine", Bolaños CNN, explaining that the footage was taken in 2007 when she was separate from her husband, a Costa Rican legislator.

Bolaños held the post of vice-ministra de la Juventud since 2006 and the is angry at not being given chance to defend herself, being forced to resign (fired).

The video is strictly related to her private life and related to her work as a public official.

"I think as a woman, I had a right to defend myself and to speak. These are questions of my intimate private life that have nothing to do with my work," she said.

The former vice-minister explained to the media that a computer engineer hired by her family to install security cameras stole the video and tried to blackmail her to stop its release, she said.

"It is very difficult to prove because he is a computer engineer and he is one of those people that hacks and steals accounts, and...because my husband is a congressman and I am a vice minister, he took advantage of the situation to get money out of us," she said.

The firing of Bolaños over the publishing of the video showing her lying on a bed in her underwear and apparently talking to her lover, sparked controversy.

Some believe that a public official at that level should be held to higher accountability that the average citizen, while others feel that presidenta Laura Chinchilla acted hastily in firing the woman.

Criticism over the Presidenta's call and acceptance of a resignation pointed out that in the past in dealing with allegations of corruption in her government officials - citing the most recent of accusations involving her second vice-president and the minister of Education - the Presidenta has called an investigation before taking action. But, in this case, involving a woman and in a private affair, she is being discriminating.

Many Costa Ricans feel that the incident is more embarrassing to the Presidenta and her administration than the string of resignations of key ministers since she took power two and half years ago.

Experts believe that Bolaños' human rights have been violated.

Meanwhile in the social media debate the following comment was posted "A woman who enjoys her sexuality and does so for love is to be admired, resigning should be the thieves leave the trail and corrupt legislators".

Another example, "the stupidity, hypocrisy and medieval thinking that soaked us today".

Feminist movements are calling this an issue of "machismo".



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