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Saturday 18 August  2012   | Costa Rica News Home | Colombia News

Playing Chicken With The Train In Costa Rica

Many drivers in San José still have to learn an very important rule of the road, the train is heavier, mightier and always has the right of way. And when that rule is not respected, disaster is the result.

The aftermath of the train-truck collision in San Pedro

Such was the case on Friday morning, when once again a vehicle was on the losing end of the battle with the train.

The accident occurred near the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), in San Pedro when a tractor trailer did not respect the train tracks. The trailer was demolished by the force of the impact of the train.

Fortunately there were no injuries reported and while the train moved on, the pieces of the tractor trailer had to be swept up.

According to the president of the Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles (INCOFER), Miguel Carabaguíaz, there is a constant battle with the train, with some 60 accidents a year. An average of more than one accident a week.

Without a question one of the major problems is the lack of proper signalization at intersections, rarely do the bells and lights warning of an incoming train work. And for the most part there is no train level crossing protection.

At some places, like on the road to and from Heredia, north of the Paseo de las Flores, the train signal lights are constantly flashing, train or no train.

Also, many Costa Ricans are not used to seeing the train. Yes, the tracks are there, have been there for a long time, but rarely do they see a train and thus...

In a separate and unrelated accident, an ambulance loses the race with the train in Heredia. The driver received minor injuries.

The other cause is trying to outrun a speeding train. A game that is played daily and not only by drivers. On any given day you can see people dashing across the train tracks in La Sabana and at other points across the rail network. Some have paid with their lives in the dangerous game of playing chicken with the train.




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