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Friday 06 July 2012   | Costa Rica News Home | Colombia News

Catholic Church In Costa Rica To Lose Power of Registration of Marriages

If the secular state (Estado Laico) becomes a reality in Costa Rica, weddings in Catholic churches would still be the same: parades, mass, rings, kiss and rice as the couple exit the ceremony.

But, it will be missing a very important part to make the union legal, the signature of the priest and witnesses on the registration form to be filed with the Registro Civil (Civil Registry).

The form is required to register a marriage in Costa Rica.  Currently, the priest in a Catholic church wedding signs the form as 'official' officiator, similar to the powers of a notary public (notario publico) or lawyer.

The reform to Article 75 of the Constitution, which establishes Roman Catholicism as an official of the state, implies certain changes, including the elimination of civil privileges for the Church to register marriages.

Thus, if the Constitutional changes take place, Church ceremonies would only be within the context of faith and couples will need to visit a notary public or lawyer to register their union.



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