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Tuesday 10 July 2012   | Central America News Home | Colombia News

Panama Highlights Effectiveness of Cuban Literacy Method

A graduation ceremony of 553 women from various districts of the province of Chiriqui is highlighting the Cuban literacy method "Yes, I Can," with which 60,000 Panamanians have learned how to read and write.

Teodora Montezuma, 58, a resident of Baru district, read a letter written in her own handwriting, where she offered thanks on behalf of her schoolmates, Alanje, Boquete, Boqueron, David, and Dolega Bugaba for not having to feel embarrassed any longer.

The ceremony highlighted the literacy method that teaches adults to read and write in seven weeks, through two-hour daily classes and audiovisual aids, created in 2001 by the Cuban professor, Leonela Ines Relys and other colleagues.

Given the internationalist character of the Cuban government, the idea behing the project was to fight illiteracy in Latin America and contribute Cuba's experience in the matter.

According to UNESCO, between 2002 and 2011 about 5 million people from 28 countries, including Panama, gained literacy through this method.

In Chiriqui, through the Ministry of Social Development, the Cuban method began in 2007 and has managed to serve 19,783 people. In Panama, more than 60,000 people have completed the program, dropping the illiteracy rate to 5.0 percent.




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