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Sunday 22 July 2012   | Costa Rica News Home | Colombia News

Train To Cartago Running Ahead of Schedule

Taking the commuter train has become popular, such that the Instituto Costarricensde de Ferrocarril (INCOFER) has been expanding the San José routes to include Heredia and Belén and is working on Cartago.


A great experience on the Heredia Train

INCOFER: Cartago Next Year, Alajuela The Next And Then Puntarenas and Limón

The work has been advancing quickly.

The INCOFER is optimistic that the Cartago train will be running before the expected end of the year start.

The work is so far advanced, according to the Miguel Carabaguiaz, president of INCOFER, it is only a matter of metres to Cartago. Once the track if fitted, crews will then start work on the last detail to get the trains moving.

Once the Cartago service is complete, the INCOFER will then start work on the planned Alajuela route, which could complete connecting San José with the three surrounding three provinces that make up the Central Valley.

The commuter train or "Tren Urbano" began service in 2005 carrying passengers between Pavas (Metropolis III) and the Universidad Latina (ULatina) in San Pedro, now extended to Freses in Curridabat.

In 2009 the Heredia-San José route was added, and in 2011 the San José - San Antoio de Belén (Heredia to the south) train began operating.

The train have become very popular especially among people who travel daily from the suburbs to San Jose.

The commuter trains run only weekdays in the mornings and afternoons. For more information see: (go to the bottom of the page for the hours of the different routes, the main page is empty).

There are occasional trains - a tourist train, if you will - between San José and Puntarenas.




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