Sunday 03 June 2012
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Ruta 142 - La Fortuna & Nuevo Arenal - Continues Closed

The road between La Fortuna and Nuevo Arenal continues closed, as continued rains in the area has caused more landslides and more problems for work crews.

The closure of the road affects tourism to the Arenal Volcano to and from Guanacaste.

On Thursday a landslide at some 14 kilometres south of the lake caused passage impossible, not only breaking up the road, but the heavy waters swept away a concrete bridge. The avalanche of rocks and tree trunks were the result of four hours of intense rains.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad (Conavi) has hired private companies to clean up the mess and repair the road as soon as possible.

For now, ruta 142 is the only direct road between the Arenal volcano located in La Fortuna de San Carlos and Nuevo Arenal, Tilarán and Cañas.

Tourists in Guanacaste wanting to visit the Arenal must take the long way around by way of Puntarenas and San Ramón, the same way for tourists heading back to Guanacaste.



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