Monday 04 June 2012
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Señora (Mrs) Costa Rica Has Its Twelve Candidates

Two beautiful Costa Rican women were presented to the press and who will be competing for the Señora (Mrs) Costa Rica crown on July 6 at the Hotel Herradura conference centre.

Stephanie Peralta is one of the 12 candidates to compete for the Señora Costa Rica crown. Foto: Cortesía Señora Costa Rica

The pageant has been absent for the last two years.

Current Señora Costa Adriana Aguilar, mother of a young girl, will crown the new Señora Costa Rica in a contest that benefits the "Fundación Divina Misericordia" charity, that helps children with cerebral palsy and associated diseases.

Marisol Soto, organizer of the event, said Señora Costa Rica has always been dedicated to helping charitable foundations.

The 12 women who will compete for the title are:

- Tatiana Lopez-Chavez, 34, married with two children, is a Medical Nutritionist

- Elizabeth Salas-Vargas, 54, married with two children, a dental assistant and homemaker

- Ana Delgado Salazar, 26, married with one child, an interior decorator

- Amalia Vazquez, 32, married with three children, is a technician

- Ivannia Alvarado-Barquero, 29, Married, is a sales executive

- Barbara Garcia Gingold, 30, married to a son, is an industrial engineer

- Melissa Soto Araya, 29, married with a daughter, is an entrepreneur.

- Laura Segura-Salazar, 34, married with one child, is in public relations

- Monica Martinez-Granados, 29, married with two daughters, is a lawyer

- Helga Barrantes-Infante, 30, married with two children, is a dentist

- Maria Elena Quesada Córdoba-, 30, Married, has a degree in marketing communication

- Stephanie Peralta Brenes, 29, Married, with a in speech therapy and flight crew attendant

A total of one thousand tickets priced at ¢20.000 colones each are available for purchase at the Valesky Boutique in Escazú and Lindora and  Belazza Salón Spa in Rohrmoser

2010 Señora Costa Rica contestants

For more on the event visit:



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