Wednesday 06 June 2012
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140 Species of Snakes Make Costa Rica Their Home

Costa Rica has some 140 species of snakes, and contrary to popular belief, most are harmless.

Of the total, only 22 species are capable of producing severe effect on humans. This and much more about snakes was learned during environment day at the Instituto Clodomiro Picado, in Coronado.

The experts at the centre for snakes explained that the serpents fulfill important roles as predators and as prey for other species.

Furthermore, the poisonous snakes have toxins used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Experts also gave advice on what to do - or not to do - when encountering a snake.

For a complete list , photo and description of  the poisonous snakes of Costa Rica go to:

What to do when you are facing a wild snake?
Don't stick around to see if the snake is poisonous or not and If there is no space to run it important to remember that snakes can only strike to about half their total length; this means that even a 6 foot rattlesnake can only lunge about 3 feet. If you can stay out of its effective striking range you'll be alright.

It does the snake absolutely no good to hurt or kill something the size of a human being. While it will most certainly strike if it feels threatened, it is not "out to get you". Even if you can't back away from the snake, as long as it has a way out, it will take it.

While snakes can locate prey and potentially hazardous creatures with a variety of senses, they are generally sight hunters. Try to put something between you and the animal. Best bet is just to remove a shirt or jacket and throw it over the snakes head.

By being under cover, the snake feels more secure, and will not risk exposing itself without knowing what you're up to. As soon as you are sure its head is covered, you should get past it as quickly as possible to more open can always go back for your clothing later.

DO NOT try to kill the snake by stomping on it or anything equally foolish. Most likely you'll just end up getting bitten in the process.

DO NOT come within striking range of the snake while throwing your shirt/jacket over its' head. You aren't trying to harm the animal, but the snake doesn't know that.



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