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Adopt a Satellite Carey Turtle

Since 2010, Pretoma has been tracking Carey turtles via satellite in Guanacaste. More than 15 turtles have been marked with acoustic technology.

To date, they've been able to determine which turtles live within the rocky reefs for long periods of time and have discovered that their main food source are small sea sponges.

In 2011, they marked a Sirenuse Carey Turtle with a satellite transmitter located in the Biologic Reserve in Cabo Blanco for 252 days, which revealed that the Sirenuse is resident in Cabo Blanco, even though they venture out dozens of kilometers into the open sea or along the coastline of Nicoya.

The information gathered monitoring the exact movement they make has helped identify new marine areas that need to be protected or expanded through managed programs to prevent turtles from being victims of harmful fishing gear, such the drags and trammel nets.

In 2012, Pretoma wants to mark two more Carey turtles with satellite tracking devices to determine their movements and help the with conservation of this species.

Adopt a Turtle
If you, your company, institution, school or high school collects and donates $2000 to Pretoma, the monies will be used to buy a satellite mark that will be installed in the Carey turtle.

You will be able to name it and have a live satellite tracking of your turtle and you will be able to watch its progress on their website.

The adoption will be accompanied with a framed photograph, an adoption certificate with the information of the turle and a hand-crafted necklace with the drawing of a marine turtle.

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