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Naked Shopping is a Hit

A new Priss supermarket opened in Süderlügum, North Frisia, Germany, on Saturday with a special promotion offering €270 worth of groceries to the first 100 shoppers who showed up in their birthday suits.

The offer went over much better than expected, with around 250 naked people waiting as the store opened.

Supermarket manager Nils Sterndorff was overwhelmed by the success of his gimmick. “I never thought a hundred people would come, I thought maybe more like ten,” he said.

The shoppers were mostly Danish, who often cross the German border to shop because prices are generally lower.

Sterndorf told ABC News the event was a “huge success.”

“The first “naked” pair came approximately one week before the event and slept on our parking lot,” he said. The first one hundred naked customers came to the store two days before the event.

“We didn’t make any ads or any commercials or anything — just this, and now we are known all over the world, or at least in Europe,” he said.

“Especially popular were alcoholic beverages and sweets, which are more expensive in Denmark,” according to a translation of German news site,

Prior to the opening, some of the customers reportedly spent the night camped outside the store.

The Danish news site, Ugeavisen, posted a video of the store opening.

“I never thought that 100 people would come,” said Sterndorff, who expected 10 nude people, according to “My shop is full of people without clothes. ”



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