Friday 18 May 2012
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Johnny Araya Confirms Presidential Bid

San José mayor Johnny Araya confirmed his presidential aspirations for the 2014 presidential elections.

Araya will be probably be going up against Rodrigo Arias, José María Figueres (neither has made any formal announcement) and Fernando Berrocal, who threw in the towel earlier this year, for the Partido Liberacion Nacional (PLN) party nomination.

In 2010 Araya lost the party nomination to Laura Chinchilla.

A recent CID Gallup poll gives Araya a 32% support. By way of the social media (Facebook), Araya said, "at this time I will add my name as a candidate and from here on will continue working for our country".

Expected - evidenced by his recent public relations campaign - to vy for the nomination is Rodrigo Arias, former ministro de la Presidencia and brother to two time Costa Rican president and Nobel Laureate, Oscar Arias. Rodrigo Arias scored a 23% support in the CID Gallup poll.

As for former president José María Figueres Olsen there is no official work if he will or will enter the nomination race.

Since returning to Costa Rica last December, Figueres has left the nomination and presidential aspirations to speculation, saying publicly he will not be running, but has been coming and going to Costa Rica from his home in Switzerland and touring the country.

Figueres scored a 21% in the CID Gallup poll.

Also, possibly figuring in the party nomination race is Alvarez Desanti with a 10% support and former ministro de Seguridad, Fernando Berrocal, who did not score in the poll since his announcement to run came after the poll taking place.

Voting for the party nomination will take place in February 2014.

Araya, in his statement in the social media, said he does not believe in a premature campaign and will continue to run the city of San José in the meantime.




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