Sunday 27 May 2012
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Costa Rica: Hospital CIMA Prepares Opening  in Guanacaste

The private hospital CIMA is getting ready to open is doors in a few weeks in what will be its second hospital in Costa Rica. The new hospital is located in Liberia, joining the San JosÚ (Escaz˙) hospital that has been operating for the last 12 years.

The opening date has yet to be announced. According to Gustavo Lee, operations manager of the medical centre, the date will be announced soon.

Lee calls the new centre the "best medical option in the North Pacific".

The new hospital is generating some 70 jobs, which most of the hiring will be from the local areas.

Although the initial capacity if of six hospital beds, it can quickly be expanded to triple that or 18 beds. The new medical centre will also have a laboratory, pharmacy, radiology department, an emergency room and operating rooms.

The medical centre will serve the 270.00 permanent residents of the area and some 500.000 tourists on holiday or who are temporary residents in Guanacaste.

The opening of the Hospital CIMA in Guanacaste will allow health specialists to offer their services at a first class hospital and with cutting-edge medical equipment.

The hospital is located in the Pacific Plaza (

The CIMA Hospital Guanacaste undoubtedly will become a pillar for the development of the area, one of the hardest hit country by the economic crisis of 2008.


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