Friday 01 June 2012
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Costa Rica's Homicide Rate Sees Drop

Although the general feeling on insecurity continues high there is a ray of hope with a decrease in homicide rates. According to the Sección de Estadística del Departamento de Planificación del Poder Judicial the number of homicides dropped from 527 victims in 2010 to 474 in 2011, that is 53 less murders.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the rate of homicide victims per thousand population fell from 11.5 to 10.3.

This is the first time a drop has been recorded in six years.

The province with the largest number of cases of homicide is the province with the capital city and the greatest population, San José with 171, followed by Limón with 111, Puntarenas with 71, Alajuela with 53, Heredia 31, Guanacaste 21 and Cartago 16.

Although the numbers are down in all provinces, Limón, however, saw an increase.

Of the 474 homicides in 2011, in 300 cases a firearm was used, a knife in 91, while 42 died from being struck by a blow, 24 by strangulation, 12 by suffocation and in one case poison was used.

Regarding victims by nationality, Costa Ricans topped the murdered list, followed by Nicaraguans and Colombians.



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