Saturday 12 May 2012
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Costa Rica: There Could Be A Gas Shortage Starting Tuesday

The continuing conflict between Costa Rica's transporters of fuel and the Ministerio del Ambiente, Energía y Telecomunicaciones (MINAET) could result in parked trucks and causing a fuel shortage starting Tuesday.


The conflict between the truckers and the government environmental and energy agency centres around the renewal of permits.

If the truckets decided to stall deliveries, many of the country's gasoline stations will be left without fuel.

According to the MINAET, the government has already given four extensions to comply and will affect only trucks with licenses plates ending in 5 and 6, whose permits expire on Monday, May 14.

To avoid a shortage, trucker are asking for more time to present their renewal documents.

According to the MINAET only 139 of the 941 registered tankers have submitted their renewal application to the Dirección General de Transporte y Comercialización de Combustible (DGTCC).

The government agency said that only 10 applications are still outstanding and in the process.



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