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Guatemalan Scandals Over Adoption Procedures
The recently created National Council of adoptions (CNA) detected 40 cases of children who were selected by physical similarities to offer different foreign couples.

After checking one thousand files in the National General Attorney’s power, CNA discovered several photographs of the minor offered to eight potential parents.

“The same child has eight different files open,” accused Elizabeth Hernandez de Larios, a member of the organization.

At the conclusion of the process, the adoptive parents that offer more money to attorneys among the list of candidates keep the child.

According to De Larios, this method was used constantly by the notary publics until the Law of Adoptions was passed last January that demanded the requisite of presentation of the baby to the future parents.

Authorities decided to suspend adoption procedures for a month and review 2,286 files in power of the National General Attorney’s Office.

This decision adopted as a result of a hunger strike held in front of government palace by four mothers demanding the return of their stolen children that were given to foreign families.

Adoptions have become a lucrative business in this country where notaries, lawyers, intermediaries and institutions walk away with millions of dollars.

Guatemala is the second country in the world sending babies abroad and only last year about five thousand babies were handed over to foreign couples, mostly from the United States.




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