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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

An important message to our readers

January 18th, 2016 

As some of our readers are already aware, On July 29th, 2015, ICR News ( Formally known as Inside Costa Rica) was acquired by Luxe Investment Group, who is also the publisher and owner of the The Costa Rica Star (


Since the acquisition, the two news outlets have continued to function and publish independently of each other.  However, after careful consideration, we have decided to merge the two news outlets into a single, digital newspaper: The Costa Rica Star, beginning on February 1, 2016. 


The new, merged news organization will allow us to better serve our readers, by combining our editorial staff and other talent in order to better pursue our goal of being Costa Rica and Central America’s preeminent English-language news source.


By integrating our resources we will be able to provide readers with a greater degree of in-depth reporting, allowing what until now have been separate newsrooms to collaborate on stories in ways that were not previously possible.


The Costa Rica Star will also provide us with an economy of scale, allowing us to bring you new features that wouldn’t be possible for either newspaper to deliver independently.


In addition to hard-hitting coverage of current events in Costa Rica and the region that ICR has become known for, The Costa Rica Star will also serve up a daily dose of entertainment, travel, lifestyle, technology and even sports coverage not currently provided to readers of ICR.


As loyal readers you can expect to continue to find ICR’s hard-hitting current events reporting, by the staff you’ve come to know and trust, at The Costa Rica Star.


The merger will involve no change in staff, only a unification of staff, and ICR’s long-time Editor, Mr. Timothy Williams, will remain with the Star in a similar role.


Far from being the end of ICR News, we believe the merger represents a great new beginning.  Likewise, the merger of ICR and The Costa Rica Star will undisputedly create the largest online archive of English-language reporting from Costa Rica and Central America found anywhere on the Internet at a single destination.


In order to avoid any confusion, we are providing answers to some questions you may have below.


Q) When will the merger take effect?


A) Beginning on February 1st, 2016, all of our reporting will be published only on The Costa Rica Star-News homepage, located at


Q) Where will I go to access the new site?


A) Our new homepage will be located at  After the merger takes effect, remember to bookmark the page for easy access. 


Q) I am an email subscriber.  Will I continue to receive the daily news email?


A) Yes! However, the email will be addressed from the Costa Rica Star-News, rather than ICR News / Inside Costa Rica, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.


Q) I am currently an email subscriber to both newspapers.  What will happen after the merger?


A) You will cease receiving the ICR News daily email, and will continue to receive the Costa Rica Star-News email, where you can find all of our stories of the day.


Q) What will happen to ICR’s news archives?


A) The ICR News web site will continue to be available indefinitely, however all news stories that publish from the time the merger takes effect will only appear onThe Costa Rica Star at  Over time, our 14 years of news archives will gradually be migrated to The Costa Rica Star.


Q) I don’t care about travel, lifestyle, entertainment or other stories! I am a longtime reader of ICR and I don’t want anything to change, I just want what I’ve come to expect!


A) Don’t worry! The Costa Rica Star will be clearly categorized, allowing you to get to exactly the news you are looking for, when you are looking for it. All of the current events coverage you expect from ICR will be easily found in the broad range of categories located on the top sections of our homepage.(  Read what you want and leave what you don’t! Not only that, our combined resources will allow us to crank out even more hard-hitting reporting on Costa Rica and Central America than ever before.




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  • stfree

    Sorry to hear that. The Star is on my no-go list. Nice knowing you.

    • Timothy Williams

      It won’t be the same Star after the merger. I would be disappointed, personally, if you don’t at least give it a chance. I am asking anyone who has been a loyal reader of mine for the past several years to follow me to the Star and give it a chance. If for any reason I am not allowed to do the same type of reporting I do here – I know for a fact that won’t be an issue – but if it were to happen, trust me, my name won’t be on it for long.

      • stfree

        Solely based on my respect for you, I will reserve judgement. If you can move the old Star away from it’s propensity for National Enquirer level journalism, I’ll be a delighted and dedicated reader. Good luck.

        • duke ster

          Of course we respect your freedom to choose but personally I like the exciting upfront stories and opportunities to voice my opinion on a greater subject matter. More stories, more news, more JUICE!

  • jahjan

    Sounds to me like a good consolidation. Congratulations on your vision and goals!

  • duke ster

    As long as you keep My Man Timothy… I am good with it !

    • Timothy Williams

      Yes sir! You’ll “see” me at the Star on Monday!

  • duke ster

    More stories, more JUICE, more of what is going on. I personally want to see more reporting on the people who actually live and work or interplay in Costa Rica.
    The stories are more interesting even if they are about Jimmy Brown and his sand rails ( an old Volkswagen frame which is made into a hot rod and customized) which he makes out there in Cuidad Colon. Stories about the poets, artists, people in general.
    I heard that there is a company which has a building full of telemarketers who are the largest conglomeration of young tattooed guys and girls together in one spot…on earth?I mean large evil skulls, Demons, horrible images etc.
    Well supposedly it is true, and who knew there were that many tattooed people living in Costa Rica anyway.
    Is it possible that these people are members of a satanic cult? I mean how does such a large group of crazy demonically inspired tattooed people ( like maybe 100 or more on all shifts together) gather in one building -at one company? In Tiny Costa Rica?
    Perhaps the word goes out among the covens that such and such a company is hiring if you speak English and pays well and so and so of our coven is the manager so come in and start working.
    If you send an undercover reporter into this company and get a story it would be GREAT reading.
    But there is also the very real danger that the reporter could be discovered and never be heard from again.
    Think it couldn’t happen? You are living in a cocoon then.

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