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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Police seize marijuana-infused gummy bears from US man near Parque Morazán


(Photo courtesy of the Fuerza Publica)


January 29th, 2016 (ICR News) Police officers seized four marijuana-infused gummy bears as well as 3.5 grams of a potent marijuana variety from a US man traveling in a vehicle near San Jose’s Parque Morazán Wednesday night.


Police officers seized the drugs but released the man, identified by the last name Baker, after only a few minutes due to the small quantity involved.


The area near Parque Morazán is often referred to as “Gringo Gulch” and is home to a number of bars and brothels popular with foreign sex tourists as well as locals.


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  • duke ster

    Someone has to say it……Imagine if some kid, YOUR kid, got ahold of this shit.
    Have you ever eaten marijuana as in a cookie or brownie? Well I have and it wasn’t nice. Here is how it went…
    I was at a chick’s house and she made brownies. I knew they were marijuana and I ate one. Shortly after I went home and was sleepy so I took a nap.
    I suddenly woke STRAIGHT UP ! I mean I woke up with a start and sat bolt upright. Didn’t know where the heck I was..S T O N E D out of my mind!!!!! Wandered around for what seemed like forever, trying to get this ickey feeling to get out of my head. Very unpleasant.
    If a kid ate one of these candies it would be HORRIBLE for the kid and who knows what the kid would do or walk out in front of who knows what?
    And since the man was found with very strong grade high grade marijuana also…..wait how did they know it was extremely high grade marijuana?
    Anyway these candies were probably laced with the same high grade strong as shit master blaster marijuana/jet fuel induced powerhouse, where am I marijuana. And for the 1st time in my life I see the need for laws against this crap. It has evolved into a true DRUG as in FU#* me I am drugged and can’t get my shit together maybe I better not drive type of drug.
    The kind of drug which for what in the heck reason did someone choose to take an innocent candy which all kids want and put dangerous POISON in it?
    I have to vote that this asshole gets locked the f up!!!!
    What is his last name again? Let’s look for this asswipe ok?
    I see some guy on this site here bragging that he grows marijuana and moved to Costa Rica to grow pot and make money.
    What’s his name? Oh yeah Tab Richie or Patrick or something…. is HE the asswipe making this high grade poison and injecting it into candy which these innocent little kids will most certainly eat if they see it?
    Does OIJ read this fine online news source?
    Do they even look for this guy with the candy or for Tab Richie or others of his ilk?
    Oh yes I read where a Canadian got caught recently and got 8 years…Is this true?
    Seems it has changed now, I was NEVER against pot but after reading this new dangerous twist on the stuff I am starting to change my outlook.
    What’s next? Heroin laced popsicle?

  • duke ster

    I have to wonder just how this bust went down,,,, HMMMMM.
    A man named Baker was in a vehicle near Park Morazon, ok.
    What led up to this man being stopped and subjected to a Nazi like search and seizure with this man’s pockets being turned inside out where a few small packages were found and tell me how the authorities knew the “candies’ were laced with high potentcy THC ? Looks like the packages were sealed of a sorts and didn’t have the markings of having been placed in a flame gas-chromatograph and mass spectrometry GS-MC instrument.
    Something isn’t right here. Time for your new investigative reporter to be dispatched to the scene huh Timothy? I am up for the job as your new investigating reporter who will do what is necessary to get to the bottom of these mysteries like no one has done in the history of journalism in Central America before!
    If you have the funds to hire a James Bond type of sidekick for me we will turn things upside down and make your online publication the talk of the town! All within the auspices of the famed “license to kill” as I believe this kind of back up will be necessary because we will be dealing with people who aren’t accustomed to answering questions or being spied upon.
    Now since Costa Rica is known as a clearing house of sorts for all manner of ex spooks left over from the “Nicaraguan/ gun running trade for cocaine of the Ollie North” days, it should turn out to be a very interesting read to be sure. The afore mentioned group of “retired” gentlemen could be a rich resource of information and sordid details and who I am not worried about as far as my safety because they are not active in the matters we want to read about.
    It is the current Nationality of Costa Rica based hierarchy who are currently in control of this nations riches and power which are the most dangerous element as they hold the reigns at this time and won’t want to relinquish even 1 finger hold.

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