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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

A brief message – and reminder – from the editor of ICR News

January 29th, 2016

Well, the time has finally come.  As we announced earlier this month, ICR News will officially merge with our sister publication, The Costa Rica Star, beginning on Monday (February 1st).


That means that the stories we published today on ICR will officially be the last stories – and the last issue of ICR – that we publish here.  Beginning on Monday, all of our publishing will move to The Costa Rica Star, located at  As we noted previously, the merger involves no change in staff, and I will be joining the Star in a similar role.  Beginning Monday, you will be able to continue to enjoy the exact same reports that we would have published here on ICR, reported by the same ICR staff (including myself), at The Costa Rica Star.


ICR has had a very long history, and over the years I’ve come to feel quite connected in a way with all of you, our readers. Words cannot express how grateful I feel for all of our readers’ support over the years.


Some have asked if I don’t feel sentimental in seeing the “end” of ICR.   Of course I do.  But I know that the move will ultimately prove to be a great decision both for ICR and our readers.   It may take some getting used to, even for myself, but time will show that the new, combined newspaper will ultimately deliver more value both for our readers and our stakeholders, ensuring that you will be able to continue to receive our reporting for many more years to come.


Perhaps what makes this easiest for me is knowing that our loyal readers, many of whom have been reading ICR daily for more than a decade, will continue to join me and the ICR staff each day at The Costa Rica Star.


I look forward to seeing you there on Monday.


P.S.  – If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback at anytime, feel free to drop me a line at what will become my new email address: [email protected].



Timothy Williams
ICR News


Below you can find a few quick questions and answers regarding what will take place on Monday:


Q) Where will I go to access the new site?


A) Our new homepage will be located at  After the merger takes effect, remember to bookmark the page for easy access. 


Q) I am an email subscriber.  Will I continue to receive the daily news email?


A) Yes! However, the email will be addressed from the Costa Rica Star-News, rather than ICR News / Inside Costa Rica, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.


Q) I am currently an email subscriber to both newspapers.  What will happen after the merger?


A) You will cease receiving the ICR News daily email, and will continue to receive the Costa Rica Star-News email, where you can find all of our stories of the day.


Q) What will happen to ICR’s news archives?


A) The ICR News web site will continue to be available indefinitely, however beginning on Monday all new stories that we publish will only appear on The Costa Rica Star at  Over time, our 14 years of news archives will gradually be migrated to The Costa Rica Star.


costa rica news

ATTENTION: If you are seeing this message,


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  • Nash Randall

    Will you still be on staff after the merger? I read both papers so I hope this will be a good move. Thanks.

    • Timothy Williams

      Yes, absolutely! The merger involves no changes in staff, just combining our staff together. I will remain with the Star in a similar role.

      • Nash Randall

        GOOD NEWS!

  • zzzzz

    A quick note to say i enjoyed the intimate community feel and easy access through Disqus to comment.
    Even though it was a bit of a magnet for some kooks, it would be nice to maintain that access.
    Cheers to the staff of ICR

  • Roberto

    Jan Kozak is a principal owner of

    • Timothy Williams

      No. I have no idea who that even is, but not someone involved with either paper.

  • Truth Talker

    First inside Costa Rica is a joke. The CIA used it as pro US goverment.

  • Truth Talker

    Tim is a scumbag that never paid his bills.

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