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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
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Costa Rica could see up to 60,000 Zika cases, health official says

Medical epidemiologist and newly-appointed coordinator of Costa Rica’s National Disease Vector Control Program, Rodrigo Marin Rodriguez said that Costa Rica could see up to 60,000 cases of Zika infection in a worst case scenario in an interview published by the daily La Nacion on Friday.

Costa Rica’s Health Ministry confirms second imported case of Zika virus

Costa Rica’s Health Ministry confirms second imported case of Zika virus

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health confirmed a second imported case of the Zika virus on Friday.

Zika virus could be a perfect storm in Latin America, millions could become infected

The WHO warns the Zika virus is spreading rapidly through the Americas and could affect as many as four million people.

Plunging oil prices mean Venezuelan women are running out of birth control

The collapse in global oil prices isn’t just affecting stock markets, business bottom lines and economic growth rates. It’s also having a serious impact on the sex lives and health of many Venezuelans.

Costa Rica registers second highest in Central America for suicides

Costa Rica now ranks number two in Central America – behind only El Salvador – in terms of annual suicides, according to official statistics by the Ministry of Health, which now deems suicide as a public health concern.

Blood pressure meds could benefit those without high blood pressure: study

Blood pressure drugs have the potential to save millions of lives, including those who don’t suffer from hypertension, according to new research published in The Lancet . Results from a meta-analysis led by cardiologists at the University of Oxford suggests these drugs should also be offered to people who face higher risk of heart attack and stroke, regardless of their blood pressure at the start of treatment.

Brazil declares emergency over mosquito-related brain damage births

Brazilian health authorities are expressing grave concern and have declared a state of emergency, following the birth of 2,400 babies with small heads and a condition that causes severe brain damage.

World’s first dengue vaccine could be good news for Costa Rica, Central America

The Philippines has granted approval for the sales of a new dengue vaccine, following Mexico as the first two countries to allow a treatment that could prevent the flu-like illness that threatens half the world’s population, including Costa Rica, where an average 3,500 cases are confirmed annually in country of 4.8 million where the mosquito-transmitted virus is common.

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