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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

New Jersey mayor says he has used $200,000 of his own money to bring Cubans from Costa Rica to the US

An editor’s note from the staff at ICR News: This story is provided under a syndication agreement and was not written or reported by our staff. After initial publication, the staff at ICR News has serious reservations about some of Mr. Roque’s claims, as well as the accuracy of certain elements of the report. In the interest of transparency, however, rather than redact the story – at least for the time being – we have decided to allow the story to remain, but express our concerns over the veracity of some of the claims made by Mr. Roque, as well as to the accuracy of the reporting contained in the syndicated story below.
UPDATE:The syndicated story below has been REDACTED by ICR News due to concerns over its accuracy. Please note that this was a decision by ICR News, not the original publisher, whom we assume stands by the story as reported. Please note this was a decision by ICR News in the best interest of our readers, and is in no way meant to question the integrity of any other news publisher. ICR News simply has its own standards and policies regarding reporting, with which we feel the below report is not compatible. The story remains below, temporarily, for archival purposes only and will be removed within 24 hours. If you are interested in financially assisting any of the Cuban migrants in Costa Rica who may be lacking the resources necessary to continue their journey, please drop us a line at [email protected] We can provide referrals to reputable agencies here in Costa Rica that are providing direct financial aid for those in need.

January 21st, 2016 -

WEST NEW YORK — A Cuban-born N.J. mayor says that he is helping thousands of Cuban refugees come to America, and has used $200,000 of his own money so far to support refugees during their travels. West New York Mayor Felix Roque also said at a press conference Tuesday, before a few Spanish-language media outlets and…

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